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Indoor fountains are all the rage today. Bring home an indoor fountain and see the difference it makes to your interiors. Aesthetic appeal apart, many find that fountains impart an air of tranquility to the surroundings. Individuals have to cope with very high levels of stress everyday, both at work and at home. From time immemorial, people have found the sight and sound of water flowing gently very pleasant and soothing. Today, more and more people are buying water fountains because they find that having one at home can imbue the atmosphere with a sense of peace and well being.

In ancient India, royals alone had fountains in their living quarters. Today, fountains are within the reach of many and you can have a fountain at home even if you do not have enough space. Tabletop fountains in particular have become very popular because they are affordable and are ideal for small apartments. Manufacturers also make indoor wall fountains for residential use. You may choose to have a custom made fountain to suit your requirements.

You might even want to gift a fountain to some one you care for. Tabletop fountains make lovely gifts, especially for those who experience high levels of stress. Tabletop fountains, as their name suggests, sit on tables. They come in a range of sizes and design to suit tables of different dimensions and styles. Tabletop fountains, some claim, help to relieve stress and enhance concentration. Tabletop fountains are also effective humidifiers and release moisture into the air.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose from a wide range of fountains available on the market today. A point to consider while selecting a fountain is the maintenance factor. Normally, fountains require little maintenance. You will likely need to clean the pump and the fountain once a fortnight. Most indoor fountains for home use come with a capacity of 20 litres. It is important to check the water level in the pump and replenish the water when required. A pump should not run without sufficient water.

Indoor fountains are made of marble, granite, slate, wood, fibre glass, copper, stainless steel and even ocean pebbles. Glass fountains are also available. Stainless steel and fibre glass are relatively easy to maintain. Whatever material your fountain is made of, the surface needs to be cleaned periodically. Most fountains today come with maintenance instructions for users.

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Our extensive range of Architectural Fountains consists of packaged models, some of which are traditional and time-tested while others have

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Our Dynamic range of Fountains is so named because the water patterns change either under programmed or through sensor control.

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Fountains India Laminar Jets produce a clear arc of water as they gently enter any pool or spa. The water flow creates a glass tube kind of an effect

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Musical Fountains is a small sized Musical Fountain suitable for small areas, small parks or Gardens & can also be operated Indoors.

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Fountains India have taken the distribution of Stern pools for India with offices and showrooms at Mumbai and Pune. Stern Pools are the best above-ground pools

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